Cary McClughen

Bio / Description: 

In 1963 born in the small Midwest Illinois town of Mahomet, I went to school and graduated from Mahomet-Seymour High School in 1982. After high school I felt the need to experience other places besides the tranquil fields of the small Midwest farm country. In 1986, I found myself in Jacksonville, Florida where I obtained a Bachelors degree in Fine Art (BFA), with a minor in commercial art, and my career began designing
graphics for textiles. After 13 years in Florida, my travels brought me to new experiences in the large screen print industry in St. Paul, Minneapolis.
In 2008, I found myself back in the Midwest farm country of Mahomet, with family. Continuing my experiences with web graphic design, my passions have resurfaced for creating Fine Art. Seeing the enjoyment in peoples eyes, and face when they see my visions I have placed on canvas, has me wanting to continue to grow and explore the possibilities of the wonderful world of fine art as an artist.

Cary J. McClughenAIR JORDAN

Mahomet, Il