Carol Farnum

Bio / Description: 

Carol Farnum started painting at age 12, winning student competitions and showing work in local and national galleries. Ultimately she ended up attending University of Illinois as an Evolutionary Ecology student, having a dual love for science and art. She continued painting through her time there, however, and finally returned to it full-time in 2012. In total, she’s been painting for 30 years.

She has a history doing landscapes and still-lifes, but has refined her work to abstracts. Carol is fascinated by textures, shapes, and colors, and how they work together to evoke emotional responses. By using vivid, bold colorwork and graphic shapes, she paints murals and fine-art pieces on “any surface available”.

She has shown pieces locally, regionally, and internationally. She was Urbana’s Artist of the Corridor in 2014 and was selected for 40North’s Sky Gallery the same year. In October 2015, Carol worked with the Champaign Park District to organize a street-art PaintJam, bringing several other local artists into the fold, at Spaulding Park Skatepark. Another PaintJam will be held in June 2016, which Carol is working on as well. Carol’s pieces are collected internationally.
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