Bonnie Switzer

Artist Statement: 
In my recent work, I explore non-objective or abstracted images. I respond to what happens with the paint on the paper. When I start a new piece, I begin by choosing a color palette and first create texture over the whole sheet by pressing various materials into wet washes of watercolor. Acrylic paints and collage pieces of rice papers, found papers or papers I’ve painted are then used to achieve a layered surface that is complex and esthetically rich. To finish I use watercolor crayons or watercolor pencils to make lines or shapes. This process is challenging and allows for great freedom. My art is highly personal but speaks to viewers in different ways. I feel that people respond to color and shapes in somewhat the same way they respond to musical notes. My goal is to create a painting that is inviting and beautiful.
404 West Michigan Av. Urbana, IL 61801