Beth Chasco

Artist Statement: 
This past year I have been painting Zinnias in all their wide variety of colors, forms and stages. I think of them as the flower that keeps on giving, from early summer to late fall. Each one is unique and I enjoy observing their growth stages: fresh new and vibrant, gently withered and the final stage of the exposed skeletal structure and bronze patina of late autumn. The inspiration to paint this subject came from the front row of my garden planted in memory of my mother. She traditionally planted a single row of zinnias to front her huge vegetable garden every year. At the time, I considered them not particularly elegant but rather ordinary. Now, I see them as truly a gift from God bringing me joy everyday of the summer and now all year through my paintings.
Bio / Description: 

I retired in May of 2015 after 30 years of teaching high school Spanish in Illinois and Michigan and 8 years of advising undergraduates in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of Illinois. While teaching, I enjoyed introducing students to noted Hispanic artists and showing how their lives impacted their artistic expression. I have taken classes in drawing and painting and studied art informally by visiting many of the world’s premier art museums and noteworthy galleries in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Canada. Since retiring, I devote more time to creating artworks and attending workshops. In December of 2015, I fulfilled my lifetime dream of opening my own studio, currently located in the historic Lincoln Building in downtown Champaign.

The inspiration for my drawings and paintings comes from a variety of sources and emotions. I have yet to settle on a singular style, medium, or subject matter and continue to enjoy painting in my studio and in plein air. My goal is to stay true to following my passion to paint whatever evokes in me a desire to create.

Cards and prints are available. View work on Instagram “Beth Chasco”

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248 765 0559
44 Main Street Suite 411 Champaign, IL 61875