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Champaign County is an incredibly creative community overflowing with talent. Adams Outdoor Advertising and 40 North | 88 West want to feed those creative flames by creating a different type of rotating gallery. Sky Gallery is an outlet for local artists to display their work on possibly the largest canvas in town: billboards! Sky Gallery is a unique opportunity for an artist to share their creativity with the community on a whole new level.

Congratulations to these 6 artists who will have their image featured on a custom 10' x 30' billboard for 12 months starting the week of December 17, 2018! The boards will move to various locations throughout Champaign-Urbana. 

Jihee LeeCrack

"The original Crack consists of three paintings. A cracking egg, colorful waves, and closed eyes. The painting Crack expresses my willingness to stop walking on eggshells. This particular painting of closed eyes depicts the action of ignoring others’ thoughts and concentrating on my inner voice. I grew up in a culture where harmony is emphasized over individuality. To blend in with the group, I had to lower my voice and be careful in dealing with people. Since I moved to the U.S., I wanted to be free from others’ perceptions and express myself more. This painting is a reminder to myself of that will.”

Leif Olson, Confection

“In the mid-80s, I used line, particularly calligraphy as a sort of configuration of consciousness. It could be understood as part of an evolution in celebration of our singularity in an inventive and ultimately dominating pursuit to master this material world. Yet at the same time it reflects the very essence of what it is designed to codify. An odd resonance between man and nature is displayed through the elegance of its designs for symbolic understanding which are augmented here with living hues which patina these ciphers. Our ability to conceptualize and mark our place still falls in servitude to more eternal forces. I had hoped to bring together two constructs, one representative of a static and willful objectifying self-consciousness and also the eternal trans-formative qualities of a lyric and organic inter-connectivness whose fluttering light and rhythms beg all of our questions, queries and thoughts. Confection is particularly festive and lets a playful dance exist between this conceptual architecture and the eternal fields of its own inspiration.” 

EKAH, The Pecking Order

“I think of birds as natural rockstars, so I thought it would be fun to create characters and a background story based on this idea. The Pecking Order is a fictional, avian rock band, whose members' strong personalities have caused dysfunctional relationships and eventually a breakup of the band. The band has reunited and is attempting to work through the differences to record a new album. However, much internal strife has caused delays in the album's release date.”

Carol Farnum, Come Together (Redux)

“I am fundamentally an abstract painter; my work comes from a place of a little bit punk rock and a little bit bohemian. I am fascinated by color and texture, and how they work together and I would ask the viewer to connect their own emotions to my work, to experience it rather than simply view it. I am heavily influenced by nature, but also by music, counter culture, other artists, and the basic human condition.  This particular piece was influenced by a local group of artists that meet monthly to share work, ideas, and inspiration. Thus it is titled Come Together.”

Esther Seungbo Roh, Chair Series

“My works are based on unique methods that construct spaces in accordance with the artist’s invisible sensational order, which comes from inside. The spaces in the works are familiar spaces that we often see in our lives. The red, blue, and yellow spaces are compared to each other and convey feelings to other images. The chairs placed in different directions are solemn and bleak, splendid we expand our feelings. I paint using oil and acrylic, working the paint onto the canvas until the desired color appears. Such colors, composition of geometry, and detailed structures organized and formed my art work. There is a peculiar beauty in the canvas. I continue to work on my paintings, creating new work and furthering my artistic vision as a contemporary artist.”

Sophie McMahan, Beach Boy

“I initially did my piece Beach Boy for an art show called Day of the Dead Rockstars. I chose to draw one of my favorite musicians/icons Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys.  Although his life had a lot of darkness in it, I wanted to depict a somewhat cheesy scene that represents the kitsch of the early 60’s, which to me is the essence of The Beach Boys. The piece was done in ink and painted over in gouache.”  

All billboard space donated by Adams Outdoor Advertising. Production cost provided by 40 North.

For more info, contact:
Kelly White, Executive Director
40 North | 88 West
Champaign County Arts Council
17 E. Taylor St.
Champaign, IL 61820
ph. 217.351.9841

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