GARY BEAUMONTMy ceramic art ranges from large wall-hanging pieces to mugs, bowls and plates. Crystalline glazes are my specialty, and when someone says, "I’ve never seen anything like that before," it delights me. Visitors are always welcomed to my studio ... just call, text or email to make an appointment.


217.418.6374 | beaumont@illinois.edu





PIPER POTTERYPiper Pottery creates pottery for the home and garden in a modern yet rustic style, with clean lines and nature-inspired designs. Using both wheel thrown and hand built techniques, we specialize in creating unique miniature pieces for use in the home and garden.  Several of our full-sized product lines utilize vintage doily impressions and fallen leaves, pairing contemporary vessels with timeless designs.  Our vision is to connect people and clay; creating beautiful objects for everyday use.