Dipole Column

In my current work I use reclaimed materials to produce my art. My materials are landfill-bound wood and latex paint from past work sites.

A dipole is a pair of equal and oppositely charged or magnetized poles separated by a distance.

Dipole Column is a structure that explores attraction and repulsion, push and pull, polar opposites and the space between. The painted white wood construction resembles magnetic fields and electric forces. I’m interested in the separation of the positive and negative charge and the distance of the magnetism in these bodies. The sculpture further references relationships, our bodies, planetary gravity, stars, and the universe.

The hourglass shape of the two opposing funnels in a vertical structure hints at Brancusi’s Endless Column. Here infinity is a moment.

Dipole Column is constructed from salvaged plywood, paint, fasteners, adhesives, and concrete. 2022.

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LOCATION: Douglass Park | Champaign