MICHAEL DARIN | Unhappy Heater/ Sad Calefactor

Unhappy Heater/Sad Calefactor 

Materials (All Found): Metal Heater, Spring, Metal Tubing, Plastic Caps, Metal Lids, Bicycle Wheel, Misc. Hardware, Wire

Bearing the weight of a warming world on his shoulders, Unhappy Heater/ Sad Calefactor looms and sways in the wind. Aware of both his role and his fate, he looks for help or some sign of hope, his massive overworked arms dangling, nearly touching the ground. 

Standing nearly 12 feet tall, Unhappy Heater/ Sad Calefactor servers as a gentle reminder of a giant problem. As the Earth heats due to climate change, the delicate balance of life is being tested. We no longer can ignore the signs. Our greediness, our mass consumption, and the wasteful way in which we live will affect future generations in ways we cannot imagine. 

Touch his hands, look into his eyes, try the switch. Unhappy Heater/ Sad Calefactor reminds us we are responsible for the future just as much as he is.

For more of Michael's work go to: https://www.facebook.com/Imvent-149041098534163/

LOCATION: Crystal Lake Park | Urbana