MICHAEL DARIN | Catapult Earth

Catapult Earth 

The planet on which we live is at the precipice of being destroyed beyond repair. The environmental damage that humans have caused to the Earth will certainly ensure that future generations will have to live with more natural disasters and threats from the rising waters, temperature extremes, and limited natural resources than ever before. There are things that we can do to slow the damage, and to learn how to live in the future with better practices and policies to protect our planet.

Catapult Earth is a visual of the moment in which we live. The weight of the Earth precariously balanced at the end of the catapult, held down by a rope that has unraveled to the last thread.

Will the thread break, catapulting Earth into an existence beyond our imaginations? Or will we be able to support and rebuild the safety of the rope? Only the viewer knows their own response and responsibility to the situation.

LOCATION: Anita Purves Nature Center | Urbana