KATHY MICEK | Triptych

Patterns | What's This? | In the Garden

"As I was painting this piece, it began to gather steam and power, with color taking over. Then patterns took charge. Stylized plant and human forms emerged. Following an intuitive process is an adventure and this is where it lead, to an exciting conclusion!"

What’s This?
"I was in Florida when I painted this piece. I tried to hold it down, but the metallics exploded and became the predominate effect. This painting reflected the energy of the water, the sun, and the sky. It is a happy piece."

In the Garden
"Experimenting with the colors of nature and flowers is an endless fascination. Bringing the garden into the house, and into my heart, provides a bridge for the days that require an effort to overcome the greyness of weather or spirit."


Growing up on a dairy farm in Northern Indiana, Kathy Micek began making things out of anything available—whether it was rust and twine found around the farm or later, unstretched canvas and acrylic paint. A strong advocate for the healing power of creativity, Micek seeks to inspire others to find their own artistic voice and to utilize art as a method for connecting with oneself and others. “I feel that creativity is as individual as each person. It shines through us in the way we dress and the things we love, the way we cook and plant our gardens. Creating heals us, and also challenges us. We can find our way by allowing art to lead us.” Kathy obtained her degree in Creative Arts from the University of Illinois Springfield and incorporates acrylic, oil and cold wax medium, mixed media, primitive wood construction, and fiber art.

To view more of Kathy Micek’s work, visit KathyMicekArt.com.

LOCATION: Urbana City Building | Urbana - Sponsored by the Urbana Arts and Culture Program