EKAH | Guardians of Memories

Guardians of Memories

The totem pole’s conceptual design and its intention is to protect one’s history and memories. Memories, be they personal or historical, may be at risk of being erased and may be left to interpretation by others in the form of pseudohistory. In times of conflict, memories may be suppressed by institutions, groups, governments, and individuals. The design’s goal is to share a bit of the Korean culture as well as inspire discussions about preserving our memories and stories for future generations.

The lenticular “screens” in the design represent witnesses and recorders of history. The figurative motifs represent the guardians of truth. The totem pole’s design is a personal interpretation of the artist’s immigrant background and was inspired by the traditional Korean totem poles and rock statues (beopsu or dol hareubang). The Korean totem poles were considered protectors of the people and village guardians. They were erected to ward off evil spirits from harming the villagers. The design is a hybrid of traditional, vertical format while infusing futuristic aesthetics - abstract and vibrant use of the traditional Korean colors.

The “screen” portion of the totem pole consists of 3d-printed encasing and half-round acrylic rods mounted in front to create an illusion of moving colors and designs. The 1-inch acrylic rods function as lenticular lenses. The refraction of the light causes the image behind it to change and appear to move as the viewer changes the viewing angle. The remaining, figurative and sculptural sections of the totem pole are constructed in a combination of 3d-printed parts and sculptures using various materials such as hardened paper and wood. 

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LOCATION: Skelton Park | Champaign